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10 Secrets to Drinking All Night, But Never Getting Drunk

Take down notes, ladies!
10 Secrets to Drinking All Night, But Never Getting Drunk
Take down notes, ladies!

It's that time of the season again, everyone! While almost every day and every hour becomes wine o'clock, it's also a struggle to enjoy the party and at the at the same time engage in some social drinking. Of course, not everyone has high tolerance for alcohol, and even lightweights give in to peer pressure. We don't blame you either for getting carried away with the festivities! So here. we're giving you real life tricks you can employ to survive all your reunions (or any other party) without having to suffer from a hangover the next day!


1. Drink water

You have to drink water in an effort to dilute the alcohol. You feel drunk when you're dehydrated and it's mostly alcohol running in your system. So gulp a big one before and after drinking, and in between glasses of beer or shots, sip some water to keep yourself hydrated.


2. Eat

Munch on snacks before and in between drnking to fill your tummy so the body breaks down the food first before absorbing the alcohol.

3. Pace your intake


As much as you'd like to show off downing glass after glass, remember that each of us handles alcohol differently. Ideally, the body can process a drink in an hour, so pace yourself and drink at your own pace. 

4. Get a pretend-drink


Ginger ale and club soda save lives. Always have a drink in your hand so your friends don't have to hand you another when they see you empty-handed.

5. Don't stay put.


Sitting down for long periods of time while drinking will get you buzzed faster. So try to walk around and get rid of the alcohol in your system.

6. Sweat it out

In lieu of tip #5, one way to fight drunkenness is to get active. Get on the dance floor and expel the alcohol while reaping the benefits from lacking inhibitions. That's a whole lot better than vomitting the next day, right?

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7. Drink from a straight glass


There's actually a science behind this. Researchers have found that the shape of your glass affects how quickly you drink. It's because it's tougher to gauge how much you've been consuming from a curved glass than a straight one. Additionally, people who drink from marked glasses tend to drink less.

8. Don't mix it with sugary beverage

Mixing liquor with sugary drinks can upset your stomach, plus sugar and alcohol can lead to faster dehydration.

9. Take bathroom breaks

If you're feeling drunk, expel some bodily fluids and drink more water. Help your system get rid of the alcohol.

10. Don't mix liquors


If you're drinking beer and whisky, don't throw in tequila or wine. Additionally, stick to lighter types of beer like pilsners or lagers.

Happy drinking!


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