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10 Mahogany Hair Color Ideas That Will Look Flattering on Anyone

Because, wine not?
10 Mahogany Hair Color Ideas That Will Look Flattering on Anyone
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Because, wine not?

If you’re looking for an interesting hair color that doesn’t require sitting six hours in the salon because of repetitive bleach applications, mahogany is the hue to consider. Since Filipina hair normally has red or yellow undertones, mahogany—or its shade range from burgundy to brown—is the perfect color to try to make your tresses pop. The hue is also relatively easy to achieve with a potent DIY box dye and won’t take so long to process in the salon either.

The beauty of this berry brown shade is that it’s flattering on most Pinay skin tones, from girls with a deep morena tan to a fair-skinned mestiza. There’s definitely a mahogany hair color peg that’ll suit you. The color has a way of enhancing the rosiness of your skin and despite not looking quite “natural,” it isn’t as ostentatious as going blonde or full-on red. Not to mention, the post-care treatment isn’t as tedious as when you’ve dyed your hair a cool tone like ash brown. Purple shampoos or toners are also not required to keep your tresses looking freshly dyed!

Here are 10 pretty flattering mahogany hair color ideas you should definitely try:

1. Classic Mahogany

Mahogany is generally a reddish-brown color that’s right in between wine and deep copper. The color stands out in the light, but naturally looks like a deep brown shade. It’s the subtle change you should definitely try if you’re not too keen on trying a hue that’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

2. Copper

A color dangerously close to fiery orange, a copper ‘do doesn’t need to be as bright as you might fear. A brown with a more visible flash of orange is enough to achieve this sunny dye job. It looks particularly great on girls with fair skin whether you’ve got a yellow or red undertone. For sure this will brighten up your features in an instant—just make sure to buy matching brow tint to complement your sun-kissed tresses.


3. Burgundy

Unlike Mulled Wine, burgundy is a bolder red color that’s closer to the color of a glass of wine. The shade if bright and might be the easiest to maintain because it makes use of your naturally warm undertones. There’s also no need for highlights or any fancy color application to make this dye job look good—it simply does.

4. Auburn

A shade right next to mahogany but predominantly more brown, auburn is a lovely hue to try to make your hair look visibly lighter but still warm. There are a lot of affordable box dyes you can buy to achieve this shade, which makes it quite easy to DIY. The beauty of this color is that you don’t need to worry about brassiness, because that’s somehow part of its charm.

5. Cinnamon

Basically think of a cinnamon stick but as hair color! This shade is much like a light brown but with a warm undertone. With the right grocery or drugstore bought hair dye, this is an easy shade to whip up at home. Just make sure it’s evenly applied! For added dimension, highlights are highly encouraged—it’ll look like pretty caramel swirls on your tresses.

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6. Mulled Wine

Think of wine red with a more predominant violet and brown undertone. This dreamy hair color may look intimidating at first but actually shifts from a brown black to a deep fuchsia depending on the light. The beauty of this shade is that it’s understated and just perfect if you’re not a fan of bold hues.

7. Blackberry Brown

Characterized as a very deep plum, this is probably the closest mahogany shade to black. This is best worn or applied with accompanying lighter brown or purple highlights to add depth to your almost noir look.

8. Ash Mahogany

If you’re not a fan of subtlety, then this might be the shade for you. Though this requires bleaching to achieve the cool undertone, this color is worth is because it’s dreamy lilac tinge. Now that’s a statement dye job to try!

9. Chocolate Mauve

A brown with a touch of pink, think of this as a more wearable version of the popular rose gold hair trend! The shade is a pretty strawberry meets caramel swirl of sorts that looks great whether your morena or mestiza. You can even opt for a balayage application for added texture and illusion of volume!


10. Chocolate Lilac

Instead of pink, chocolate lilac is a color mix with a purple undertone, making it cooler with a visible tinge of ash. Again, any cool toned hair color required bleach, but in this case you don’t have to include your roots. You can opt for a dye job with subtle purple highlights with a deep copper brown or auburn base or even am ombre application if you want something more striking.

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