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10 Life-Changing Weight Loss Hacks for the Busy Woman

Be your own fitspo.
10 Life-Changing Weight Loss Hacks for the Busy Woman Be your own fitspo.

Fit is the new sexy. It’s something we’ve seen all over our Instagram feeds with #fitspiration posts, healthy food porn, and snaps of our friends squeezing in post-office workouts. While we never run out of reminders and motivations to stay in shape, we never seem to have enough time to actually do it. 

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of simple but effective ways to lose weight, minus the hassle. 


1. Color contrast your plates.

People tend to eat less when the color of the food contrasts with the color of their plate. In fact, a recent study at Cornell University showed that participants who ate alfredo pasta on a white plate significantly consumed more compared to those who opted for red plates.

2. Cinnamon integration

More than an aromatic spice, it’s your next biggest weight loss secret. According to Hollywood Nutritionist Mikaela Reuben, adding cinnamon to your coffee or fruit helps stimulate your circulatory system, increases antioxidants, and regulates your blood sugar for the entire day.

3. Don’t give up rice!

Think banning rice is the quickest way to losing weight? Not exactly. Cutting off rice means compensating with other starchy carbohydrates. But as Asians, our body is used to digesting rice, so we tend to break down the other carbs significantly slower. It’s best to opt for one cup of rice a day, distributing a third of it per meal, and filling up on more leafy greens.

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4. Chew more, chew slower

Chewing your food 10-20 times per bite allows you to not only ingest less calories but also eat slower. Eating too fast gives the body less time to signal the brain that you're already full.

5. Early to bed, less calories consumed

Restlessness means increased hunger. Obesity Journal details this further by saying that people who sleep late and wake up late eat about 250 more calories than those who sleep early and wake up early. 


6. Never. Skip. Breakfast.

When you’re running late, it’s much easier to sacrifice breakfast over time. But apparently, that’s not the lesser evil. Eating a heavy breakfast increases metabolism and prevents you from bingeing on sugar and fat during lunch.

7. Switch your snacks (and your ways).

No, hunger and boredom are not the same thing. We don’t have anything against snacking, just that you replace your chips, sweets, and greasy nuts with frozen grapes, whole-grain cereal, and lots of water.

8. Spice it up with some apple cider vinegar.

We suggest adding a little apple cider vinegar to your hydration source. Its thermogenic component helps burn fat and prevent bloated stomachs. 

9. Juicing isn’t everything.

While juicing detoxifies and helps you lose water weight, be sure to condition yourself after your cleanse. Most people tend to overcompensate the deprivation from juicing by binge eating and end up gaining more weight than they lost. 


10.  Stop making excuses.

That’s a mantra fit for everything, especially for this article. Any diet also needs exercise to be fully maximized, and the next time you argue you don’t have time, try out the 7 Minute Workout app. It gives you a complete fitness session in 7 minutes (with a trainer too!). Did we mention it’s free?

The 7 Minute Workout app is available on iOs on the App Store and on Google Play.

The road to fitness is paved with greasy temptations. But with enough simple tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be driving smoothly in no time!

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