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10 Chic Ways to Wear Side-Swept Bangs

Move aside middle parts, side parts are here!
10 Chic Ways to Wear Side-Swept Bangs
Move aside middle parts, side parts are here!

Earlier last year, there was an entire debate on Tiktok on whether parting your hair down the middle or on the side is better. Most Gen Z netizens agreed that the middle part was in and the side part was out. Curtain bangs in particular had many people obsessing about middle-part hair. But now that we’ve entered a new year, we say it’s time to switch things up a bit. If you’re tired of having middle-part curtain bangs, we suggest trying side-swept bangs this year. 


Contrary to popular belief, side-swept bangs are still cool, for many reasons. They look flattering on any face shape, soften your facial features, and can be styled in so many fun ways. Ahead, we’ve even listed down all the best ways to wear side-swept bangs, try them stat!

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1. Side swept bangs with layers

Face-framing layers like the shag haircut and wolfcut are heavily in demand. But instead of opting for a full frontal fringe, try it with side-swept bangs instead. If done wrong, full bangs have the tendency to overwhelm your facial features. Side-swept bangs can help avoid crowding and even enhances your looks. 

2. Side swept bangs with bob

Middle-part bobs have the tendency to look flat. That's totally fine if you're going for a sleek look. But if you want to add more volume to your bob, go for a side-part. The great thing about this hairstyle is that you don't even have to cut your bangs anymore. Just flip your hair to one side and it instantly creates the illusion of a fringe. 


3. Side swept bangs with ponytail

Here's a more modern take on the 50's retro high pony. You might recognize this retro hairstyle from pop icon Ariana Grande who has made this her signature look. Other celebrities such as Bella Hadid have also been seen wearing this 'do. 

4. Side swept bangs on curly hair

Side swept bangs are great on any hair texture, especially curly hair. It gives the hair more height, and the asymmetry makes for a fun hairstyle. You can further emphasize the side part by pinning down the other half of your hair and letting the rest of your hair free. 

5. Side swept bangs clip in 

Love the '90s snap clip hair trend? Good news, it not only looks good on middle-part hair but on side-part hair too. Add colored snap clips or cute barrettes to both sides of your hair. It's a cute hair trend that's also useful for keeping your hair out of your face. 

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6. Side swept bangs tucked behind the ear

If your issue with side swept bangs is the fact that it can get into your eyes, simply tuck them behind your ear. Use some hair pomade and a teasing brush to lay-down the bangs to one side. If you need extra security use non-slip bobby pins and pin them behind your ear. 

7. Side swept bangs with blow out 

What makes a blow out better? A side part that helps make it look even bouncier and voluminous. Here's how Emily Ratajowski wore the side swept bangs with blown out hair. 

8. Sleek bun with side swept bangs 

Sleek buns are the staple model-off-duty hairdo. Although you'll see most people doing a middle-part sleek bun, you can definitely pull of the same look with side-swept bangs.  

9. Side sweep bangs with lob

A lob or a long bob, is a hairdo that never goes out of style. In the past year, lobs with curtain bangs became super trendy, but we're here to show you that a lob with side-swept bangs are just as pretty. 


10. Side swept bangs with pixie cut

Add volume to a pixie cut with long and thick side swept bangs. The deeper the side part of the bangs are, the more volume it creates. 

Now that you know the different ways you can wear side-swept bangs, here is a list of accessories and beauty products that can help you style your side part. 

SHOP: Hair Products, Tools, and Accessories You Need to Style Side-Swept Bangs

1. Cute Hair Clips

Use snap clips and barrettes to add some bling to your hair and keep your bangs in place. The one's below are from Wilhelmina and cost P99 per card.  

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/hellowilhelmina

2. Teasing Brush

For teasing and laying the edges of your hair, use a boar bristle brush. Having a brush with a pointed handle can also help you achieve clean cut side parts.

PHOTO BY DKC Trading Salon and Barber Supplies

Wood handle Hairdressing Barber Hair Styling Teasing Boar Bristle Brush Comb, P150, DKC TRADING SALONG AND BARBER SUPPLIES, Lazada


3. Hair Pomade

Tame frizz and style your hair with hair pomade. The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Grooming Pomade is lightweight but still has incredible hold. It also helps moisturize and soften the hair and can be used on all hair textures, straight, wavy, or curly. 


Tea Tree Grooming Pomade, P1454, PAUL MITCHELL, Zalora


4. No-Slip Bobby Pins

These slide proof bobby pins from Goody will help keep your hairstyle in place throughout the day. 


SlideProof Bobby Hair Pins 2" 60 Pieces, P119.75, GOODY, Lazada

5. Hair Elastics

Use hair elastics for when you want to try a high ponytail or sleek bun. 




Elastic, P400, OYONE, Zalora

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