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#tiptuesday: Wineproof Puckers

#tiptuesday: Wineproof Puckers Locked and loaded pouts even after a round of drinks

If you haven't grabbed a copy yet of Preview's March issue with Kim Jones on the cover, let me just run you through the magazine's transformation: clean and hip typography, streamlined layouts, and levelled up, curated content. Of course, I wouldn't forget to brag about Style Bible's do-over: awesome typography, user-friendly layout, and much meatier content for you.

To welcome our stylish revamp with a bang, the team will be celebrating over champagne and fashionable chit-chat tonight. I'm expecting everybody to be dress-up and dolled up later—there are cameras all over the place, so looking good at every angle is extremely necessary.

And as expected, I'll be reaching for a flashy hue tonight to ignite my pout. The only recurring issue I face with solely depending on lipsticks as a facial focal point is that I need to constantly check if my lips have smeared after a round of drinks. It's true that long-wearing formulas can be your best friend when it comes to this beauty challenge, but there are times when the particular shade you feel like using is far from being wineproof. So, to keep mirror checks at bay, I have to resort to sealing in my puckers a thin veil of translucent powder. Yes, you heard me right: translucent powder.


Before you get grossed out mixing lipstick and powder on your makeup brush, or altering the true hue of the lipstick with the powder, there is a crucial step needed to execute this trick perfectly: grab a piece of tissue and place it over the lips while lightly dusting them with powder. Not only this will absorb excess lipstick, but it will also keep your puckers locked and loaded the whole evening! Go ahead and try it!

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