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#tiptuesday: Redness Begone!

And we're not talking about red eyes.
#tiptuesday: Redness Begone! And we're not talking about red eyes.

Annoyed by red spots on your face caused by emerging zits, bites, or skin irritations? Then you're in luck because today is all about the quick-fix an eye drop can offer. Not only does an eye drop give you instant relief when your peepers turn dry, irritated, or itchy, but it is also an instant cure to red face spots.  


Available in all leading drug stores.

Yes, that very formula you use for sore eyes is also the key to eliminating unsightly blotches on your skin. 

Shocked? Don't be, because all you need is one drop, and voila! Your skin will go back to looking flawless for at least a few hours sans the heavy feeling that layer upon layer of powder or concealer can give (they can even make it worse!). So ladies,  make the eye drop a staple in your  arsenal, because this is one trick we've tried and tested. 

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P.S. Some say that eye drops can also help in making dark spots under our eyes look less noticeable. This we still need to prove, but there's definitely no harm in trying. We'll keep you updated!

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