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#tiptuesday: Makeup Crack Hack

This is one fixer upper we should all learn by heart.
#tiptuesday: Makeup Crack Hack This is one fixer upper we should all learn by heart.

Don’t you hate those days when you’re so excited about your new eyeshadow, powder blush, or  face powder when all of a sudden you drop your bag, accidentally sit on it, or unintentionally knock it off the counter? Poof, hello cracked makeup and heartbreak. If any of these unfortunate events make you want to curl up into a ball and cry the same way we do whenever it happens, then we suggest you start pounding and disinfecting, immediately!

Yes you heard us, the first step to saving your makeup is by pounding it into even smaller pieces. It's like a high school science experiment where there's no way you're gonna end up messing it up, we promise. Add in a few drops of the secret ingredient, alcohol(!), and mix it until it turns into a smooth paste. 

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Alcohol will simply evaporate after doing its job of putting back together what's broken and the fact that it disinfects is a definite plus!

Flatten the mixture back into the container (you can use the back of a spoon) and let it dry overnight. When you wake up, voila! Your makeup will be as good as new, no sweat!

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