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#tiptuesday: Don't Store Makeup In Your Bathroom

Why not? Click to read on!
#tiptuesday: Don't Store Makeup In Your Bathroom Why not? Click to read on!

Okay, I bet a few of you guys are guilty of this. Who keeps their makeup and skincare products in the bathroom? Don’t be afraid to raise your hand because I’m in this with you, girls!

You know how labels keep asking to store products in a cool, dry place? Well, a bathroom isn’t one of those places. Apparently, storing your face products in a place where steam and heat are constant is a big no-no. With those two factors in place, they can seriously mess up the chemistry of your beauty products. Ever wonder why maybe your wrinkle cream isn’t working as well? Or why you burn easily even though you’ve been using the same sunblock for three weeks? Or, in extreme cases, why your week-old eyeliner gave you an infection? Constant exposure to heat and humidity can break down a product’s potency and even make it a breeding ground for bacteria. So head straight to the bathroom and take your beauty routine elsewhere! 


Photo from Flickr Creative Commons.

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