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#fridayfavorite: A Mighty Bb Cream

A new beach beauty staple!
#fridayfavorite: A Mighty Bb Cream A new beach beauty staple!

Since I was educated and aware of the sun’s (UVA) aging and (UVB) burning abilities, I’ve been diligent in keeping my skin guarded by applying sunscreen every day, especially on my face. I feel naked when I go out of the house without an ounce of sunscreen in my system, so when I was introduced to the concept of XL-UVA, I had a slight panic episode. I wasn’t that protected as I thought: XL-UVA rays penetrate much deeper into the skin than regular UVA rays—further aggravating skin aging.

I turned to Google (and eventually, the mall) to look for something that will shield my skin well. Lucky me, there is one available in stores now: Lancôme's UV Expert GN-Shield BB Complete! With a whopping 12-hour sun protection, I can safely say my sunscreen paranoia will be put to a stop. Thanks to this mighty BB cream, I also faked a glowing, baby-smooth, and flawless face! This will definitely be a staple in my beauty kit when I head on to the beach!


Lancôme UV Expert GN-Shield BB Complete Triple Potency - Protect, Correct, Cover - SPF 50 PA+++, P2195, Rustan’s 

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