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#flashbackfriday: Our Favorite Lipgloss

They say our lip gloss is popping.
#flashbackfriday: Our Favorite Lipgloss They say our lip gloss is popping.

Once upon a time Lil Mama sang about her poppin’ lipgloss and how it was the coolest thing her friends ever laid eyes on.

While we’ve already given you reasons why we think bringing back old flames with this beauty product is a good idea, we couldn’t help but share some of our personal favorites, which sought us through our teeny-bopper years. Back in the day where the use makeup was restricted, we turned to these tubes and tubs to give us that extra shine and pop of color we “needed” to show off to our gal pals and impress the lads. From yummy berry flavors to sticky glittering bits, these lippies never failed to brighten our day.  Read on and see which glosses our editors favor the most.


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