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Here's A Calorie-free Way To Satisfy Ice Cream Craving

How so? Read on to find out.
Here's A Calorie-free Way To Satisfy Ice Cream Craving How so? Read on to find out.

Yesterday, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, Baskin Robbins, was officially introduced to Filipinos. For those who haven’t heard of the brand, Baskin Robbins is known all over the world for their 31 mouth-watering flavors (1 for each day of the month!) that’ll get anyone with a sweet tooth scrambling to get a taste. Ice creams, frozen beverages, sundaes, and ice cream cakes, sigh, if only we could treat ourselves to a bigger serving without suffering the consequences! But alas, calories are a part of our lives that we all need to accept. So while we would so love to get more than our 3-scoop-per-day limit, our over-excitement with the brand got us thinking of other ways to indulge.


Beauty junkies, this one’s for you. We turn to the next best thing that are as pretty, yummy looking, and definitely nearly as satisfying as a perfectly beautiful scoop of ice cream: makeup! Scroll down for three of our favorite flavors and products that would fulfill our cravings. 

A creamier and dreamier form of everyone's favorite fluffy, puffy treat, Cotton Candy is one of Baskin Robbins' flavors that is just too pretty to eat! The less fattening version consists of bright pink lippies, shimmery bronzers, and popping blue mascara and shadow. Yum!

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The basic and neutral hues of the brown makeup variety takes on a sweeter route when associated with one of Baskin Robbins' signature flavors, the Jamoca Almond Fudge. Eye shadows, mascara, lipstick, and liners in earth tones have never looked this sweet! 


The nutty goodness of Baskin Robbins' Pistachio Almond reminds us of green shadows, liners, and even lippies that will make others go green with envy. Costumey? More like deliciously sweet to us!

P.S. Baskin Robbins has a grand opening promotion of 31% off on all fresh packed ice cream cartons for the rest of July! They are now open at the Upper Ground Level of the Central Square, Bonifacio Global City.

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