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Sports Series Iii: Cardio

Step up your cardio workout in style.
Sports Series Iii: Cardio Step up your cardio workout in style.

So you've read parts 1 and 2 of our Sports Series and decided to give fitness a try. You're on your way to the fit and fabulous lifestyle of stylish women everywhere, but we're more than happy to provide you with additional encouragement!

This week, we present more fashionistas who have experienced the transformative power of sports. Strong, active, and ever-stylish, these ladies are also tied together by the intense cardio workout each one gets with her own chosen sport.

A good cardio workout can come from a different forms of exercise, as each of this week's ladies can attest to. Film and TV producer Mel Lozano is better known for Ultimate Frisbee, the sport that gets her heart racing. Similarly, stylist and production designer Candy Reyes lives for outdoor sports like frisbee, football, and mountain climbing. Women's Health managing editor Asha Macam does cardio through biking, while model and accessories designer Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez gets active with squash.

To pick your own cardio workout and the stylish Nike Women duds to go with it, click on and learn more about each girl and her sport!

-Bernice Bautista, Editorial Assistant

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