Avoid Airport Hair With This Awesome Trick

Your music buddy is also a hairstyling tool!

A set of headphones is one of our travel essentials, especially during long flights. Apart from providing us with good music, headphones also act as a subtle "do not disturb" sign. But with it comes headphone hair, denting and awkwardly waving your locks into a hot mess after the flight.

Luckily, those embarrassing airport hair days are over. Enlisting the help of Riawna Capri, celebrity hairstylist for the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Roberts, this video will show you how to solve one of our most dreaded hair problems. Check out the super simple and chic answer to airport hair with the aid of your headphones as your styling tool. Watch it below!

Headphone Hair 'The Circuit Braid' Beats by Dre from Kloss on Vimeo.

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