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Hair How-To: 3 Ways Bobby Pins Can Make Hairstyles Look Better

Recreate your favorite looks with a simple twist!

Bobby pins are total must-haves in every girl’s hair styling kit. They’re instant solutions for hair emergencies (e.g. when your elastic breaks!) and even help you create fun hairstyles. In the video below, Camie Juan teaches us three unique ‘dos with the help of bobby pins!

The X

1. Brush blow-dried locks and tie your hair into a low side ponytail.

2. Take your ponytail and twist it into a loose bun. Then secure the base with bobby pins.
3. Form your X’s by clipping one colored bobby pin over your hair, on the opposite side of the bun, and adding another one to form the letter X. Repeat this step two more times until you have three X’s in one line.

The Beam

1. After blow-drying your tresses, pull your hair into a slightly snug ponytail.
2. Take a small section of hair from one side of your ponytail. Next, twist that section around the base until it conceals the elastic. Then secure it with a bobby pin underneath.
3. Grab some colored bobby pins and insert them from near the base, angled diagonally. Do it several times, forming a semi-circle of rays around your ponytail.

The Triangle

1. Take a section of hair from one side and bring it to the center of the back of your head. Then hold it in place using a bobby pin. Repeat procedure on the other side.
2. Get a colored bobby pin, and clip it to form a diagonal line. Repeat procedure for the other end. Finish off the triangle with a horizontally-placed bobby pin.

These awesome hairstyles will definitely make you stand out! But to ensure you can achieve these looks, wash everyday with products that can strengthen your hair from all the pulling and tugging with pins, like Sunsilk Strong and Long Shampoo and Conditioner. It nourishes your hair while making it grow longer—perfect for hairstyles that play with colorful pins!

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